SVR-NNY (Rice Sheet Making Machine)


SVR-NNY saves the time and effort you need to produce rice sheets. Just select the size of sheet you want from thin, medium or thick, press the button and SVR-NNY produces perfect rice sheets without squashing the rice grain.

Please note that the SVR-NNY has been discontinued and has now been superceded by the SVR-NYA.

Specifications Detail
Machine Capacity Thin: 900 rolls/hr, Medium: 650 rolls/hr, Thick: 550 rolls/hr. (Approx)
Rice Sheet Weight Thin: 80g, Medium: 140g, Thick: 285g. (Approx)
Rice Sheet Size Thin: 80 x 185 (mm), Medium: 120x185 (mm) Thick: 170x185 (mm). (Approx)
Option Sheet Width 205mm
Hopper Capacity 7.5 Kgs of cooked rice (Approx)
Power Input AC 240V 1Ph 50Hz (No Transformer required in Australia)
Power Consumption 70W
Machine Dimensions 360W x 546D x 630H (mm)
Machine Weight 32 Kgs
Standard Australian OH&S Standard, CE Certificed
Assembled & Manufactured In Japan
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