Japanese Culinary Skill Training Services

Joseph Lee & Co. provides Japanese culinary techniques training courses with licensed sushi chefs who speak English, Japanese and Chinese. JLC offers this service to restaurant or take away shop owners, chefs and staffs, who like to learn how to make sushi and sashimi dishes in a commercial environment. JLC courses ranges from a 3 Days introductory course to a 20 Days extensive course. Subject to selections, the courses teach you basic Japanese cooking techniques from preparing sushi roll to food cost control.

Following is an introductory course outline, course can be customised to suit your needs:

Introductory Course Outline:

What you will learn: This course is designed to prepare restaurant owners or chefs with sushi and sashimi preparation skill and the fundamentals of practical Japanese culinary techniques that can be applied immediately at chefs’ kitchens.

Course hours: 4 hours a day x 3 days – Total of 12 hours

Fee: from A$3,000.00 incl. GST

Tuition fee: Tuition fee includes ingredients, use of any cookware and our original recipes.

Required: Japanese knives (Deba and Yanagiba knives) are required to attend the course.

1st Day

Introduction Introduction of course contents
Japanese Cuisine & Sushi About Japanese cuisine and sushi
Ingredients About ingredients of Japanese cuisine
Japanese Knives About Japanese knives, sharpening and maintenance
Sushi Business About Japanese food business, ie. Belt conveyer sushi, take-away shop & restaurant
Hygiene Hygiene maintenance
Bu-domari About bu-domari and cost control
Seafood About seafood for sushi and sashimi

2nd Day

Sashimi dishes Judging & selecting "Sashimi quality fish"
  Cleaning, filleting fish (sanmai-oroshi)
  Preparation of garnish
  Making sashimi-jouyu
  Cutting fish
  Storing "sashimi quality fish"
  Minimising waste

Last Day

Sushi dishes About sushi rice
  Cleaning, filleting fish (sanmai-oroshi)
  Cooking rice (washing and cooking rice)
  Making sushi vinegar (sushi-su)
  Making shari (sushi rice)
  Sushi rolls (thin, middle thick and inside out rolls)
  Nigiri-zushi (hand formed sushi)
  Dashi soup stock and miso soup
  Japanese teas (sen-cha, genmai-cha and houji-cha)