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Rice Container
Stackable for space-saving storage Insulating material keeps your rice warm for hours Available in 10kg (Suitable for use with MCR-SSC) and 15kg (Suitable for use with MCR-UNC) Made in Japan These rice boxes are perfect for storing blended or cooked rice, and keeping it fresh until you need to use it. They are made of durable plastic, which also provides great thermal insulation to keep rice...
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Rice Container Trolley
These rice box trolleys are suitable for use with both the  10kg and 15kg rice containers. The trolleys are perfect for helping you transport the heavy rice boxes from place to place quickly and safely by minimising lifting. This rice trolley is made in Japan and is of high quality construction.  
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Rice Cooking Net
Easily transport rice from your cooker, to your mixer, to your rice box, and to your rolling machine Suitable for use with all rice cookers Able to withstand the high temperatures inside rice cookers The durable rice net is perfect for transporting hot cooked rice from your rice cooker to your rice mixer, from your rice mixer to your rice box, and from your rice box to your rolling machine. ...
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Rice Keeper Sheet
Absorbs excess moisture to keep rice fresh in the rice box Made in Japan The rice keeper sheet is made of a special material that helps control excess moisture and preserve the freshness of warm rice inside the rice box. The sheets are sold in a carton, with 250 sheets in each carton. The dimensions of the sheet are 410 W x 340 D x 600 H mm.  
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Suzumo Softon Oil Spray
Oil spray must be applied to all machine surfaces that come into contact with rice. This prevents the sticky sushi rice from sticking onto machine surfaces. This non-stick oil spray comes in either a 300mL plastic bottle, or in a 330mL spray can. Both come with extension nozzles to help you spray hard to reach surfaces. This oil spray is quality made in Japan.  
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Containers and Trays
We supply a wide range of food packaging requirements and containers that optimise the attractiveness, appeal and freshness of foods. The special designs of the containers and trays we supply have an emphasis on quality with materials designed and made in Japan. Containers and trays that we supply are designed specifically for sushi, sashimi, bento, topped rice and noodles, meats, fruits and sal...
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ZNS-RPA (Sushi Roll Wrapper) Suzumo Exclusive Product
Machine overwraps sushi roll with anti-fogging film.Suitable for small, medium and large roll.
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THS-DRA (Manual Rice Moulding Equipment)
The THS-DRA is a manual press that is able to make different rice shapes - nigiri, omusubi or round shapes - with different attachments. All you do is place the right amount of rice into the mould (you can measure the correct amount of rice using a rice weighing machine), and then simply press to give you a perfectly shaped rice ball or triangle. The machine is very durable, made from qualit...
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FHB-SHA (Bag Opener & Feeder)
Available for Omusubi (Triangle Rice) and Sushi Sandwich. The FHB-SHA is a bag opener. Just place bags onto the FHB-SHA, and it will automatically open bags for you to put in your omusubi (onigiri) into.  This stops you from wasting time fiddling around with your hands trying to open bags. This product is made by Suzumo and assembled and manufactured in Japan.  
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KP (Automatic Carrot & Cucumber Strip Cutter)
KP-80 & KP-100 are automatic carrot or cucumber strip cutters. They cut carrot or cucumbers into very fine strips.   
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