Rice Cooking Net

Rice Cooking Net

• Easily transport rice from your cooker, to your mixer, to your rice box, and to your rolling machine
• Suitable for use with all rice cookers
• Able to withstand the high temperatures inside rice cookers

The durable rice net is perfect for transporting hot cooked rice from your rice cooker to your rice mixer, from your rice mixer to your rice box, and from your rice box to your rolling machine. Having a rice net means that you no longer have to put on gloves, or use cloths to handle hot rice bowls. Simply unload the rice in one motion by pulling the net from underneath the hot rice.

This net can withstand the high temperature inside your rice cooker. Just place your uncooked rice in the rice net, place inside your rice cooker, and fill your rice cooker with the correct amount of water, and cook! Once your rice is cooked, just grab the bag, and you can easily, and safely transport rice to your mixer for blending with rice vinegar.

The rice cooking net measures 1000x1000mm, and is quality made in Japan.

Suitable for all rice cooker
Size: 1000x1000mm
Made in Japan