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Brief Introduction

Over 55 years business history in rice-related machinery

  • The first sushi machine makers in the world (1981)
  • Over 100 patented designs
  • The Only sushi machine maker listed on the public stock market (JASDAQ # 6405)
  • CE certified and complies with Australian OH&S standard
  • Australian Standard 240V, no transformer required
  • Customers include State Government Hospitals, Universities, Parliament House and major franchising groups including Sushi Sushi, Go Sushi, Sushi Hub


Suzumo invented the first sushi machine in 1981. Since then Suzumo has developed a wide ranges of high quality rice processing machines with over one hundred patented and unique designs. Suzumo machines were the first choice for most of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world including McDonalds, MOS Burger and Australia State Government hospitals when it comes to rice dishes. Suzumo has about 250 employees working on sushi and rice machinery development to provide full support and services to clients all over the world.

Message from Suzumo:

"Since our foundation in 1955, we have taken a bold challenge as a food machine manufacturer in the development of man-power saving rice food processing machine which will precisely recreate the hand-made taste technique by the skilled chef.

Our development of the world's first Sushi Robot in 1981 has triggered our challenging in the dream of "Spreading Rice Eating Culture to the World. " Since then, we have contributed to the development of the food industry from the standpoint of manufacturing side through our introducing a variety of "original rice idea foods" which are created by variants of our original equipments and applications. These efforts have earned us a high reputation and trust as a cutting-edge firm that is developing new food business. Owing to these efforts and our high reputation in the market, our company was listed in JASDAQ in April, 2003.

In order to step up to the next stage for our dream, we, SUZUMO, plan to take aggressive approaches such as developing new products that have never been introduced to the food market and also develop a new rice food business scheme globally through our products. It is SUZUMO's new plan that we become a global rice-related equipment manufacturer that handles a variety of equipment, including sushi and omusubi ( rice ball ) robots, to introduce rice food culture to the world.”

Suzumo Company Profile

Name Suzumo Machinery Company Limited
Founded April 1955
Established January 1961
Capital JPY 13,005.53 million
Sales line-up Planning, Manufacturing, and Sales of Sushi Robots, rice processing machinery/equipment, rice cooking systems, sushi wrapping systems, display systems, and other products to assist in the preparation of sushi and other rice products.
Employees 345
Head Office 2-23-2, Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku,
Tokyo 176-0012, JAPAN
President Ikuya Oneda

Suzumo Company Profile
Head Office (Tokyo)Factory (Saitama)

Suzumo Showrooms

Suzumo operations comprise a network throughout Japan, extending from our Tokyo head office and Tokyo Plant (Saitama) to Sapporo, Sendai, Nagano, Hamamatsu, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka.

In 1989 we have established the Rice Idea Center (RIC) to develop new rice ideas and products for the 21st century and provide our customers total support in all aspects of their business, from help with the basics of opening a restaurant through knowhow about ingredients, market surveys, sales promotion, menu planning, shop layout design and execution, staff training and management consulting services.

All our facilities in Japan are equipped with operational showrooms where customers can see, handle, operate and experience our equipment for themselves. Each is fully equipped to provide fundamental information and technical instruction on washing and cooking rice, as well as with systems for cooked-rice blending, thawing sushi toppings, preparing sushi and making new rice food products.

Customers visit from all over Japan and around the world to operate our machine together with our full-time showroom staff, sample the food and experience the excellent quality of our products.

Suzumo Company Profile
Head OfficeHead OfficeTokyo PlantSIC (USA Office)


For more information about Suzumo, please visit: http:/www.suzumo.co.jp