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Sushi conveyor belts are a great way to give your sushi restaurant the upper hand and if you want a successful sushi train, it’s the bare minimum. Conveyor belts allow your sushi to be displayed throughout the restaurant in a fun and entertaining way.

It’s an extremely effective way to showcase your dishes as the conveyor belt winds throughout the room passing every seat. The speed at which the food travels and nature of the sushi train concept, creates a high and fast turn-around in your restaurant, allowing for maximum customers.

Sushi Cabinets
These sushi cabinets feature a cooling rod placed over the top of the unit. The unique cooling rod, combined with special ventilation, ensures that sushi stored inside is stored at optimal temperature and humidity, with ice crystal formation and condensation minimised to keep sushi stored inside as fresh as possible. The ribbed bottom tray also makes it a breeze to clean. The sleek, modern d...
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Magic Conveyor ( Colour Changing Sushi Train Conveyor Belt)
The magic conveyor is a unique and innovative sushi conveyor design that does away with the traditional sushi conveyor belt, and makes plates appear as if they were floating "magically" along the glass table top. The magic conveyor uses a moving magnet system that is hidden away underneath the glass table top. The plates sit on black magnetic disks that move along the glass table in sync with...
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Standard Chain Sushi Conveyor
The standard sushi conveyor is a very popular design that is used in many different sushi bars and sushi train restaurants around Australia. The standard conveyor uses a chain belt design, and is the type of sushi conveyor belt in 99% of sushi restaurants in Australia.  The sushi conveyor belt top piece can be made into a variety of colours, to give a degree of uniqueness and customisati...
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Option - Reject Conveyor
  The reject conveyor is used in conjunction with the sushi freshness monitoring system.   It is used to 'reject' plates that have been detected by the system as staying too long out on the conveyor.    This means that plates can be automatically removed from the conveyor without any need for staff to check or handle the plates manually off the conveyor.
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Sushi Freshness Monitoring System
  The sushi freshness monitoring system uses RFID technology to monitor how long each plate is circulating around on your conveyor. You can set the length of time which each plate is allowed to stay on the conveyor, and automatically remove plates that have been out there too long and lost their freshness.
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Option - Al Profile 40x40 Legs
 Our standard sushi conveyors are made using a frame assembly, allowing the conveyor to be made to the desired height requirements of the client. This frame assembly also allows shopfitters to easily create custom coverings and benches to the unique design specifications of every shop.  
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Option - Bypass Gate
This bypass gate is used in conjunction with the sushi freshness monitoring system to help move rejected plates onto another conveyor or location.  
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Option - Bypass Conveyor
  The bypass conveyor is used in conjunction with the sushi freshness monitoring system. This conveyor handles the rejected sushi plates and moves them to the desired location.
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Sushi Chain Top Plate Colour
Your sushi conveyor doesn't have to look the same as everyone else's. Stand out from the crowd by changing the colour of your sushi conveyor. You can even print labels that contain your logo or brand on it to make your train even more unique. These sushi chain top plate pieces are made out of acrylic plastic, and available in several different colours.  
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Option - Logo Sticker
You can take your logo and branding one step further by putting stickers with your logo onto your sushi conveyor surface. This will help your train stand out, and also help make your brand even more memorable.  
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