Sushi Making Robots, Rice Machines & Accessories

Discover our large range of sushi robots and rice machines.

Sanuki Menki Noodle Making Machines

Sanuki Menki Noodle Making Machines

anukiMenki Produce various noodle types: Udon, Ramen, Chinese Noodles, Pasta...etc.

Sushi Robots

Sushi Sheeting Machine

Suzumo rice sheeting machine SVR-NNY creates rice sheets in various sizes and density. Rice sheets can be made in Thin: 80 x 185 (mm), Medium: 120x185 (mm) Thick: 170x185 (mm). The unique designs produce rice sheets without squashing the rice grain.

Sushi Converyor Belt

JLC supply various sushi conveyor belt system with premium craftsmanship. Sushi Conveyor carries your dishes on a counter-top and customers will get to choose the large variety of dishes offered in front of them. JLC supply single, double belt conveyor belt and also exclusively supply glass top conveyor belt system.

Rice Cookers & Rice Processing Machines

Rice Washing System

JLC supply automatic rice washing system for industrial use. The machine is compact to allow fitting into tight spaces. Rice Mini RM-401A Rice washing system wash 5.4 liters of rice within 6 minutes. Main functions include: Pot Sensor, Water Level Setting, Water Pressure Sensor & Alarm

Commercial Rice Cookers

JLC supply various rice cookers including the Suzumo Industrial Electric Rice Cooker and Tiger Commercial 20 and 50 Cups electric rice cooker. Suzumo Industrial electric rice cooker has computerized rice cooking control (Soft/Medium/Hard). Stream Sensor, Error Display and Alarm. The rice cookers are made in Japan and are widely recognized in industry for its durability.

Rice Mixers

JLC supply Suzumo rice blending machines blends the rice and vinegar without pressuring the rice to produce and high quality "Shari" (sushi rice). It also cools the rice to appropriate temperatures with a built-in blower and filter. "Shari" can be discharged from the drum by touch-screen operation.

Rice Ball Machines

Suzumo SGS-SCS & SSN-GLA shapes and produces Nigiri (Rice Ball) without crushing the rice grains. Identical nigiri rice balls can be made in various sizes and firmness to suit personal preferences. Suzumo Nigiri Rice Ball sushi machine includes Rice Warming function.

Rice Weighing Machines

JLC supply Suzumo Rice Weighing Machines. Suzumo Rice Weighing Machine loosens the steamed rice and dispenses rice with a precise weight calculation. The measured rice can be fitted into a variety of lunch boxes, bowls, dishes.

Sushi Packaging & Sushi Supplies

Sushi Packaging & Sushi Supplies

JLC supply various Suzumo Sushi Packaging machines. Suzumo Sushi Packaging Machines wraps each piece of sushi and keeps the sushi fresh. Sushi Packaging Machines wraps nigiri and sushi sandwiches in anti-fogging film.

Sushi Production Machines

Sushi Production Machines

JLC supply various Suzumo Sushi Production Machines for industrial uses. Machines include fully automated functions with continuous rice feeder, nigiri making and tray aligning. Other suzumo production machines also include nori sheet feeding, roll making and cutting.