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1. Why is Suzumo better?

Suzumo invented the first sushi machine in 1981. Since then Suzumo has developed a wide range of high quality rice processing machines with over one hundred patented and unique designs. Suzumo machines were chosen by most of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world including McDonalds, MOS Burger and Australian State Government Hospitals. Suzumo has over 300 employees working on sushi and rice machinery development to provide full support and services to clients all over the world.

Suzumo have been developing rice processing machines since 1955, and hold numerous patents in the industry. Their time, effort and resources devoted to making higher quality sushi-making machines - that rival the taste of sushi made by the hands of the world's best sushi chefs - has been second to none, with no other competitor in the market coming close to the quality of product produced by Suzumo. 

Suzumo is able to not only produce better machines, but also to provide better support and servicing to their customers due to their enormous resources worldwide. Suzumo Japan itself has over 270 employees, with a head office in Tokyo and factory in Saitama. International branches and distributors are maintained to provide high quality service to customers in the US, UK, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and Canada. You will not only be able to get a hold of a Suzumo machine, but you can be sure that your after-sales servicing will be a top priority. 

2. Why choose Suzumo in Australia?

Suzumo International Division specially design and build their sushi machines to Australian standards . Suzumo sushi machines are the ONLY sushi machines that are CE certified and comply with Australian OH&S standards. No transformer is required for the machines as they run on 240V 1Ph (except special models).

3. Why Joseph Lee & Co?

Joseph Lee & Co (JLC) is the sole agent for a number of Japanese companies listed on the public stock market JASDAQ (Suzumo, General Packer, Maruto Sangyo) in Australia. Other private Japanese companies JLC represents include Omori, Sanko and Totai. We have been in business for over 35 years and are members of APMA (Australian Packaging Machines Association) and APPMA (Australian Packaging & Processing Machines Association). We import sophisticated food production machines (lines) and packaging materials & machines from Japan. With JLC’s expertise in large machinery, you will get the attention and support you need. JLC provide delivery, shipping insurance, installation, operation training and technical service for all Suzumo machines across Australia.

4. Why the Australian OH&S Standard and CE standard?

If the insurance company or Workcover discovers that the machines do not comply with Australian safety standards, they have the right to reject your accident claims. As Suzumo sushi machines meet the recognised safety standard, the customers will be fully covered in the unlikely event of an accident.

5. Where do the machines comes from?

All Suzumo machines are designed and manufactured from Japan with the highest quality and standard.

6. Where can I see sushi machines in operation?

You can see Suzumo machines operating in our customer’s takeaway shops in most large shopping centres. Our clients include Go Sushi, Sushi Hub and Sushi Sushi franchises aswell as many other independant restuarants. We also participate in Fine Food Australlia exhibitions throughout the year across Australia. You are also most welcome to visit our showroom in Silverwater, Sydney to see machine demos as well as a large variety of Suzumo machinery and accessories. Please call to make an appointment to visit us and we will walk you through the product range. Also, please visit our YouTube channel.

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7. How long does the machines last?

The average machine life time is approximately 8-12 years. In fact, the first Suzumo sushi machine sold to Sydney Fish Market in 1995 is still running in good condition.

8. How long does it take to get the machines?

You will receive the machine as payment is cleared. Joseph Lee & Co keeps a wide range of Suzumo products in stock in its 1000 m2 warehouse.

9. What if I require machine servicing?

Our machines don't require regular servicing. In the event a service is required - Joseph Lee & Co has in-house technicians and contracted technicians. Our in-house technicians have gone through official training in Japan and offer installation and operation services across Australia. Telephone support is available.

10. Does JLC sell any second hand machines?

Very rarely, as most of our customers tend to keep the machines due to their dependability and reliability.

11. Why are Suzumo machines more expensive than other brands? 

Suzumo has over fifty years experience in the rice-processing industry and over 20 years experience making sushi robots. They have poured millions of dollars into research and development, and countless labour hours to bring you the best sushi-making machine available on the market. No other manufacturer can claim the expertise or experience or Suzumo. And none surpass the performance, reliability or features of Suzumo's machines. You can rest assured that the machines and parts are 100% made in Japan.

If you are looking for a longer-lasting machine, a machine that will help you make better quality sushi, faster. If you're looking for a company that offers better support and servicing, then look no further than Suzumo. 

Simply put, they are more expensive, because they quality Japanese made and are far better.

If you are serious about making sushi, Suzumo machines offer better value for money, better performance for the price, and better reliability. All of which lowers your operating costs, and end up saving you money over time. Suzumo machines are a better investment.