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BAT-20 Sushi Tray
These Nigiri and sushi roll trays are perfect for temporarily storing your sushi during production, before it is wrapped and put on the display counter. These trays are white and come in two sizes. The BAT-15 is slightly larger, with one 15 kg rice container box holding 4 BAT-15 trays. The BAT-20 is slightly smaller, with one 15 kg rice container box holding 5 BAT-20 trays. These are of plast...
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Sushi Display Tray
This traditional oriental style red and black display tray is perfect for displaying your finished sushi rolls and nigiri balls. It will help make your product look all the more authentic. It comes in two sizes, small (332Wx257Dx50H) and large (362Wx267Dx50H). These are quality made in Japan.  
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Non Stick Gloves
Sushi rice is incredibly sticky, which can make handling sushi rice a mess. These non-stick rice handling gloves are perfect for people who handle stick sushi rice and don't want it sticking to their hands, or anything else they touch. The gloves come in small, medium and large sizes, with each carton containing 3000 pieces. These are quality made in Japan.  
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Lube-San (Food Grade Sterilized Grease)
This lubricant is food grade sterilised grease and is suitable for ensuring that all moving parts of your machine or conveyor are well-lubricated to minimise wear and tear on mechanical parts. As this is a food grade product, it is suitable for use with surfaces that get in contact with food - making it safe to use on your sushi conveyors and Suzumo machines.  It is available in 354g cans...
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