SVR-NYA (Sushi Rice Sheet Making Machine)


• Produces up to 950 sheets / hr
• Sheets rice
• For those who want to hand roll

The SVR-NYA can dispense up to 950 sheets per hour. It is ideal for those who still want to roll their sushi rolls by hand and want to create consistent rice sheets very quickly.

The SVR NYA features an easy to use LCD touch screen that supports 7 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese or Japanese.

The touch screen allows rice length, sheet thickness, and rice density to be adjusted precisely.




Specifications Detail
Machine Capacity Small Roll: 950 sheets/hr, Medium Roll: 850 sheets/hr, Large Roll: 750 sheets/hr (approx)
Rice Sheet Length (mm) Small Roll: 80mm, Medium Roll: 120mm, Large Roll: 180mm
Hopper Capacity 7.5 Kgs of cooked rice (Approx)
Power Input AC 240V 1Ph 50Hz (No Transformer required in Australia)
Power Consumption 70W
Machine Dimensions 360W x 643D x 640H (mm)
Machine Weight 37.5 Kgs
Standard Australian OH&S Standard, CE Certificed
Assembled & Manufactured In Japan
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