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Sushi conveyor belts are a great way to give your sushi restaurant the upper hand and if you want a successful sushi train, it’s the bare minimum. Conveyor belts allow your sushi to be displayed throughout the restaurant in a fun and entertaining way.

It’s an extremely effective way to showcase your dishes as the conveyor belt winds throughout the room passing every seat. The speed at which the food travels and nature of the sushi train concept, creates a high and fast turn-around in your restaurant, allowing for maximum customers.

Hot Plate for Dim Sim (Sushi Train Dish)
The hot plate is designed to keep hot sushi dishes like dim sims warm while they circulate on the conveyor.  Simply place your dish on top of the hot plate and let it run on your conveyor.  
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Sushi Plate
These sushi plates are made from durable melamine material. They are available in several colours and patterns, which you can see in the PDF catalogue link below. They are perfect for sushi trains and others running a conveyor restaurant. Custom printing can also be done on these plates - perfect for those who want to extend their company branding onto their plates.  
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Sushi Plate Cover
These clear sushi plate covers are designed for use with our sushi plates. They are made from PET material, and come in different sizes and configurations (single ventilation hole, double holes, no holes). Minimum quantities apply to orders on this item.  
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