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Top 7 Delicious Japanese Dishes

Let’s take a look at the seven most delicious Japanese dishes which must be tried by everyone at least once in their lives.


Sushi is the trademark Japanese food which happens to be raw fish accompanied with vinegar and seasoned rice. Sushi is available in a wide variety of textures and flavors such as sea urchin roe i.e. creamy uni, tangy, sweet shrimp i.e. ama ebi and more. Despite its popularity and authentic taste, it’s a humble street food which is easily affordable for anyone craving for delicious Japanese food.


Unagi is succulent river eel grilled over hot charcoal and served with sweet and sour barbecue sauce. unagi is supposed to the best antidote for the extremely humid and warm Japan summers. Almost every Japanese restaurant serves unagi, and its best cooked in the months from May till October as wild, fresh-water unagi is abundantly found in rivers during those months.


Ramen is a delicious recipe of egg noodles in a slightly salty broth. It’s the favorite Japanese snack for late night food-cravings. This dish is available in four different soup styles which include tonkotsu i.e. pork bone, soy sauce, miso, and salt. This dish is most famous with Japanese kids.


Tempura comes in the category of deep-fried foods with a light and fluffy texture. This seafood and green vegetable mixture is thickly coated with batter and fried in corn oil or sesame oil. The cuisine is served with broth and soy sauce which is spiked with yummy grated radish which serves as a delicious dipping. Tempura prawns called as ebi-ten are the most famous of all tempura dishes.


Soba is thin and long buckwheat noodles which are particularly popular in high mountainous regions. These noodles are soft, spicy and succulent. They’re served with sharp soy-sauce containing broth along with a side dipping. This dish is mostly consumed as a bedtime or after-lunch snack to satiate mid-meal food cravings.


Kaiseki happens to be the haute cuisine of Japan which is half art work and half dinner. This dish originated many centuries ago along with Kyoto’s tea ceremony. It’s a unique cuisine because it has no defined recipe. It’s simply a procession of small meal courses which are carefully arranged on elegant crockery. However, this dish is only cooked with fresh ingredients of every season.


Okonomiyaki is the grilled Japanese food which is famous for comfort eating. It’s succulent pancake which is filled with a number of delicious items, mostly pork and cabbage. It’s garnished and topped with dried seaweed, fish flakes, a unique Worcester-style spicy sauce, and mayonnaise. This dish is usually cooked with amazing fun. In a number of restaurants, diners grill okonomiyaki themselves at a small hotplate which is built into their tables.