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Top 5 Root Vegetables to Use in Japanese Cooking

1. Gobo, also known as Burdock

One of the most popular root vegetables, gobo is used to add flavour to fish and its sauces. The flavour of the root adds enrichment to the dish; it is usually simmered and then added to the dish. The surprising part is that it was initially used as a medicine for digestion and Cholesterol, and still fulfils those purposes when added to any dish.
Gobo has an earthly taste and a crunchy texture and if it used regularly in meals it can also help diabetes patients. When fried and stirred with a dish, the result is a nice aroma and rich taste. It is also used in topping of soups.

2. Kabu, also known as Turnip
When it comes to soups, Kabu is a great addition to add to the taste. It might be boiled or marinated before being added as an ingredient. Not only that but it is also used to make pickles by being chopped and spiced.
It has a spicy taste that makes the dish flavoursome and the pickles peppery. It is often enjoyed in salads as well in Japanese cooking. Do not eat it raw as that might taste bitter to the tongue.

3. Renkon, also known as Lotus root
In order to garnish a dish and make it look attractive, Renkon is highly favoured in Japanese dishes. It is boiled and softened according to taste. The more you boil it the softer it will feel in eating and the lesser the more crunchy it will be.
Both ways are used according to preference when decorating dishes. When sliced and used in dressings, the taste and look both are appealing. Apart from decorating it is also used in dishes as an ingredient like in tempura or added to soups for taste.

4. Daikon
The vegetable root is used in many things in Japanese cooking. It is popular in use for pickles due to its mild and well liked taste. It is also mixed and used in dips and sauces that are eaten with a variety of dishes. Moreover daikon is also used for garnishing dishes. It is cut down and simmered in oil. It might taste spicy if eaten raw but when t is cooked the taste mild down.

5. Jagaimo, also known as potato
It might seem like a very common vegetable root but it is very widely used in Japanese cooking. It is used with stew, beef, curry, sauces, salad, and what not. It might be grilled, boiled or just added with all the other ingredients to cook. Some Japanese also cook it with butter and Soya sauce.