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Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in the World

Therefore, if you enjoy the variety of tastes that Japanese cuisine can offer or you simply want to try something different, visit one of the leading Japanese restaurants in the world listed below and add one more rewarding experience to your list.


Hamadaya, Tokyo

Founded in 1912, Hamadaya is one of the restaurants that will let you feel the spirit of traditional Japanese dining. You will have the chance to taste exquisite seasonal dishes that are admirably arranged on matching dinnerware. This high-class restaurant offers dining in private tatami rooms that can host up to 60 guests. While enjoying the attentive service and delightful meals, you will have a panoramic view of a Japanese garden. Additionally, in case you can only eat specific foods, like vegetarian or kosher foods, Hamadaya can offer you a menu that will meet your needs.


Komuro, Tokyo

Komuro restaurant is famous for its kaiseki cuisine, meaning that you will have a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner prepared in a specific way. Colorful, perfectly seasoned food with rich a flavor and a perfect texture will captivate your senses and keep you coming for more. To make your experience even more unforgettable, you can book one of the counter seats and watch how skillfully the chefs prepare the meals.


Kiku, London

Try some authentic Japanese food while enjoying a welcoming restaurant ambiance. Well known for its sushi, Kiku is the place for anyone who likes to enjoy a perfect meal and a cup of excellent sake. Japanese diplomats and businessmen from the nearby embassy are frequent visitors of the restaurant, which only proves that the food on the menu is genuine. If you are indecisive about what to order from the menu, the restaurant hostess will be pleased to make a couple of excellent suggestions.


Aida, Paris

Teppanyaki cuisine that suggests cooking food on a built-in iron griddle is what Aida is all about. Enjoying a delicious meal, while watching the chefs' mastery on hotplates, is an entertaining and memorable dining experience. Restaurant uses only the freshest fish, so don't miss the outstanding sushi and sashimi.


Jewel Bako, New York

Famous for scrumptious food, friendly staff, cozy ambiance, and great decor, Jewel Bako is a place you shouldn't miss when in New York. Book a seat at the sushi bar and order Omacase. This way you will leave the sushi selection to the chef and enjoy watching how skillfully they prepare your food.