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The Health Benefits of Sushi

Sushi has become a popular dish over the past few years. Known for its exoticness and delicious taste, sushi has found many a fan across Australia. However, what many people aren’t aware of is the fact that sushi is an extremely healthy food. It is one of the primary reasons why the life expectancy in Japan is high!

Low Fat

Sushi is a low fat dish. For those of you fretting over the excess baggage on your bodies, sushi is an ideal food to consume. It is more nutritious than green salad, which is a favourite for the diet conscious. Sushi has a low cholesterol level in addition to having almost no saturated fat.

Full of Proteins

Sushi has a high quantity of proteins. Fish is a premium source of low fat and good quality protein. Protein is necessary for increasing the muscle mass on your body. Sushi is a good option for people, who need lean protein.

Contains Omega 3

Instead of having saturated fat, sushi contains an adequate dose of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are nutritious for the nervous system. They help your nervous system functioning properly. Your body does not generate omega 3 fatty acids on its own so consuming sushi will be a good source.


Sushi is fibre-rich due to the seaweed which is used to wrap the sushi rolls. That makes it very easy to digest and also helps in enhancing the digestive process. Having a healthy digestive system prevents many health problems .


Unlike other cooking oils used, the fish oil used in sushi is heart-friendly. Fish oil helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system and prevents heart diseases. The frequency of heart problems is on the rise and eating sushi is the easiest way to save yourself from falling prey.