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Sushi robot makes almost 1,000 rolls an hour

Workers at famous franchises such as Sushi Sushi, Go Sushi, Sushi Train, Wasabi Warriors, Sushi Hub, Hero Sushi, Wok Me, and hundreds of other sushi businesses - rely on these Japanese-invented robots to help run their stores quickly and efficiently.

These machines can increase productivity four-fold, reduce manual handling and therefore increase cleanliness, and help stores make consistently high quality sushi no matter who's working in the store.

Suzumo have been making these food robots since 1961, and have quickly become the world's largest producer of sushi robots - helping feed the world with sushi.

Many people scoff at the idea of eating sushi "made by a machine" - not knowing that most of the sushi they've eaten, has probably been made using these machines. 

If you want to see just how quickly and easily these robots can make sushi, watch the video below:

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Do you want one for your own business?

If you have an existing sushi business, or are thinking of starting one and would like to join thousands of other Suzumo sushi machine users around Australia, click here to find out more about how these sushi machines can make running a sushi business more profitable, and much easier.