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Sushi A Healthy Snack Option

 as long as those who prepare it adhere to the traditional ingredients and preparation methods that were used by the Japanese for hundreds of years and not begin to deviate towards those adopted in the West in order to “commercialize” this basically nutritional dish.


 The basic ingredients of Sushi bring in a winning combination of healthy fats blended with high fibre and vitamins to make up an inherently healthy meal.  There is no escaping the statistics that the Japanese are one of the healthiest nations on the planet with a life expectancy of 86 years for women and around 85 years for men, among the highest in the World.

While all of that longevity cannot be totally credited to eating sushi it has to play a part.  It is a known fact that the basic ingredients found in sushi are known n to reduce arterial clogging and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Depending on which of the two varieties of Sushi, either “nigiri-sushi”, which is the oval shaped hand-formed variety or “maki-sushi” which is the rounded, rolled version cover in “nori” dried toasted seaweed.  Despite the negative connotations of eating seaweed, Nori is fat free and particularly vitamin rich, containing ample quantities of vitamins A and B. 

The Shari rice recipe that is the basis for all sushi dishes is rich in fibres, as well as health inducing vitamins and minerals.  In addition the vegetables commonly used in preparing sushi also contain an ample supply of vitamins and nutrients.

Where there can be problems in eating sushi is if there is too much Sake being used in the preparation of the Shari rice because of its above average alcohol levels or Ponzu which has above average sugar levels.

Where the areas can get a little grey around the health giving benefits of eating sushi is around the choice of fillings.  

Choosing fish as a filling is generally preferable as the nutritional levels tend to be healthier than that of meat or chicken.  All fresh fish will also include a high level of health giving   omega-3 fatty acids.

Variations of sushi that might be worth steering clear of is dumplings, tempura and spider rolls which have been fried with a batter.

Tasty but far from healthy for those who need to keep their cholesterol levels under control. 

Sticking to what the Japanese like in their sushi might be an ideal recipe for creating a healthy snack option as well as one that is  full of goodness