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Most extravagant Japanese dishes, you can find at a restaurant

Every country has its own special cuisines and they usually cost a lot of money. The thought of eating an expensive dish brings along expectations of a quality meal and mouth watering taste. Most of these dishes are sold in every other restaurant, but they differ in price due to the name of the restaurant and the presentation of the meal. But there are a few dishes which are worth the money asked for.

Over the years, the price of Japanese dishes have sky rocketed. This is due to the increase in demand of these dishes and also due to the rise of lavish restaurants. Expensive Japanese dishes can cost in the range of $600 - $2000, even more in some cases. The top most demanded and expensive Japanese dishes are listed below.

Blue fin Tuna

The blue fin tuna is a part of the most expensive sushi available in Japan. Five pieces of sushi containing blue fin tuna cost around $1200. This is the most demanded Japanese dish in the market.

Blue fin tuna became the highest selling Japanese fish in 2009, where it fetched up a staggering hundred thousand dollars. Restaurants in the U.S offering Blue fin tuna sushi usually fetch up to $10,000 a month.

Due to this, blue fin tuna became a high priority target for fishermen, which was soon followed by a protest to ban such rigorous fishing by the animal rights committee. The ban could not be imposed as the fish was fetching a lot but fishermen have been warned to limit their catch.

Kobe Meat

Kobe meat, known more popularly as Kobe beef in Japan, are piece of meat cut from a Tajima cattle cow. At restaurants, a Kobe beef dish usually cost around $600 - $900 in Japan.

A Kobe beef steak could easily cost you around $2500 in the U.S. You can get it for a lower price if you are preparing the dish at home. Kobe beef is famous for its tenderness, taste and its unique texture.

Kobe beef dishes are available in different forms of meals -  it is prepared and served as steak, Shabu Shabu, sukiyaki, Teppanyaki and sashimi to name a few. 

Japanese Blowfish

Called “fugu” by the Japanese, this is a poisonous fish which is usually mentioned in the expensive and exotic dishes of Japan. The reason for its high price is the fact that not everyone can prepare the fish cleanly.

As it is highly poisonous, it requires expert handling and training before one can be

allowed to legally sell the fish. The most favorite part of fugu is its liver, which is also the most poisonous if not taken out properly. A fugu meal can easily cost you around $800 or more depending on the restaurant’s name and atmosphere, although you can find it cheaper in a few places.

Gold Wrapped Sushi

As extraordinary as it can sound, some people are ready to pay thousands of dollars for sushis. These luxury sushis are wrapped .24 carat gold strips and sometimes covered with diamonds. Not for everyone's budget, but these sushi retailing for over $2,000 are definitaly extravagant

Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms are sold at a very wide price range in Japan. It is very hard to harvest; the main reason for its high price. They are available for $1000 per pound, and prices can go up to $2000 depending on the quality.